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Social media marketing

Social media marketing is a specialty at Velocity Digital. We create bespoke strategies that will grow awareness of your business, generate leads/sales and help you to effectively communicate with your customers and wider stakeholders. Our focus is on creativity, effectiveness and analysis, we put your business in the right social media place at the right time, and everything we do has a purpose that is matched to your marketing and communications aims.

Content marketing and creation

Without content, you can’t effectively market your business. Velocity Digital can establish your content marketing strategy, clearly defining what content is required in order to reach your key audiences and generate the relevant actions. Don’t have the resource and skills to create content? Not to worry, we offer a full content creation service. We’ll ensure your content strategy brings success to your business and show you exactly what it’s achieving at all times.

A lean team with impactful output

Our core team is highly experienced, with a strategic, creative and measurable approach taken at all times. When required, we use our network of tried and tested associates to bring additional skills to the table, such as PPC advertising, design and ‘traditional’ PR, offering you a bespoke solution, managed centrally.


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Is Your Content Marketing Selfish?

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