I hope you didn’t plan to get any work done today. This morning, POTUS Trump hit Twitter with yet another unforgettable tweet and the world was quick to respond. We’re loving the creativity and sheer speed of the #covfefe tweets and decided to share 10 of our favourites with you!

Here is the original tweet, in the unlikely case you haven’t seen it:

Bonus 🔥🔥🔥

Not a meme, but Hillary Clinton took Trump down to China Town with this wonderful response.

Hillary Clinton Covfefe tweet

1 – Incovfefeable

Yes, this tweet is truly inconceivable. Sorry. Incovfefeable!


2 – Covfefe the Strong vs Wizard Covfefe

This smells of another epic sci-fi drama on HBO.

3 – Covfefe Bae

It’s not a true social media fail without an adaptation of Salt Bae.

4 – Covfefe, the new Pokemon

Get your Pokemon Go apps ready, it’s a rarity.

5 – Nescovfefe

Coffee re-branding part 1.


6 – The Office

A day in the Administration may well be just like an episode of The Office.

7 – Scent of Covfefe

For the confident woman.

8 – Starbucks Covfefe

Coffee re-branding part 2.

9 – Covfefe on the Train

Impressed by the quick reaction of the Eurostar staff.

10 – The Biden prank

For everyone who misses the Obama & Biden memes

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