We live in a lighting-fast world people. Blink and you’ll miss it. Dramatic! It’s true though, we’re hyper-connected, the world flashes by, and as everything becomes faster, we demand that the rest of the world falls in-line – things that in that past may have taken days to achieve are often now available within hours, if not minutes. That’s why businesses like Uber are booming. It’s not all about instant rides though (steady), and this post highlights ten of the best service on-demand apps. The buzz-word is ‘disruption’ and we’re seeing that across many industries. Enjoy…



Fed up of washing your clothes (last time I was on the tube there were a few people that clearly were)? Laundrapp will pick up your dirty garments, whisk them off to local professional cleaners and then deliver them back to you at a time of your choice – within 24 hours if you so desire! The London-based service currently operates in London, Birmingham, Solihull and bonny Edinburgh. Have they solved the sock blackhole issue though? Give it a go.

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Ever been at your desk and had a cookie emergency? Some child of satan has finished the last biscuit and not told anyone? Well, Doughbies promises fresh cookies delivered within 20 minutes. That’s fast! One catch though, you have to go outside and meet the delivery at curb-side. Take the stairs I say, pre-burn some cookie calories. Currently only available in San Francisco and the bay area. Darn it. Give it a go.



OMG! I forgot to do my nails! That was me last Friday. Ok it wasn’t, but I can imagine the trauma of that. UK based Priv allows you to order hair cuts, make up, fitness advice, massages and much more. Their beauty pros come to you at a time of your choice. I can’t see on the site how quickly this can happen, but this will certainly be raising a few beautifully plucked eyebrows in the industry. You can currently PrivIt in NYC, LA and London. Give it a go.

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Cooking can be a right pain in the beef tomato. Thinking of dishes to prepare, gathering all the bits and bobs and there’s still the chance you’ll monumentally fail at the cooking part. While Shuttlecook can’t mitigate for your lack of culinary skills, it can give you a recipe per day and deliver the precisely measured ingredients to your work so you can get your Michel Roux on with limited fuss. Currently only available in 11 London boroughs centred around Shoreditch. Give it a go.

Desk Beers


If you want happy faces in your office on a Friday, you may want to try Desk Beers. The UK based service offers beer subscriptions, delivered to your office weekly, bi-weekly or every four weeks. Or if you just want to give it a go, you can get a one-off delivery. The beer list is awesome. The service operates across the UK mainland. I think I’m in love. They’re great at encouraging people to get involved on social media too. They’ve read this and offered my readers 10% off first order, use VELOCITY10 at check-out! Give it a go.

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Love dogs? Snack will deliver a batch of cute dog pics to your phone at a chosen time, once per day. Why? I don’t know but I like it. They want to make you smile, can’t argue with that. Give it a go.

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Got a business meeting and want to know the ins and outs of the person you’re meeting and their company? Lowdown delivers that to your phone before your meeting. Like your own little spy in your pocket. Kind of. Give it a go.

Coders Clan


Please note, I’m not calling all devs nerds. I love you all. Got a coding problem, or like me, not got the code smarts? CodersClan gives you access to mega-clever coders that will work to your deadlines. The beauty is, you pay per task, not per hour. Give it a go.

Japan Crate


Ever thought ‘Damn I need some Japanese candy right now’?. Japan Crate handpicks a bunch of cavity-inducing treats from Japan and delivers them to your door. It’ll cost you a minimum of $12 for two pounds worth of sweets per month and is currently only operating in the USA. Give it a go.

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Made a bit of mess with that meal delivered by Shuttlecook? Japanese Candy mutated into your carpet? Beer induced lounge carnage? Maybe you need Mopp! You’ll get a cleaner when you want it, with no contract, all paid online with minimal fuss. The world moves fast cleaning will slow you down. Give it a go.

What a great mix of services! Have you tried any of them? Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below! 

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