Tools, you can’t build with them, you can’t build without them. I like to try out new tools, just the other week I bought a ZR250001 triple extension double salcho saw machine and then realised I have nothing to use it for. Turns out I do better work with online tools. So here’s three I think you should ch-ch-check out.



Trello has become a major part of my working tool-belt in recent weeks. Ever wondered how to make a simple and effective content plan? You can do it in Trello. Need to create to-do lists that team members can collaborate on? Trello is your answer. It just works so well and is very intuitive. We collaborate with our clients on it and it saves a serious amount of time and pain. Give it a go. You can thank me later. Sign up here. Find out how to make a Trello content calendar here.


Need to find some popular content for your curation needs? BuzzSumo could well be the answer! Plug in any search term, hashtag etc and it will scan the web for related content that has been receiving high levels of social shares. A simple metric to use, but I’ve been surprised by the results and have often found content that I would have otherwise missed. BuzzSumo is currently in beta and will be free during the whole beta stage, so get in early and give it a go.

Evernote business card scanning


Business cards are a necessary evil even in today’s pixelated world, and I really struggle with making use of them once they’re handed to me! As a long- time Evernote user, I was delighted when their ‘Hello’ app was integrated with the full service, meaning I can now scan business cards and they are seamlessly filed away and searchable within my Evernote notebooks. Simply open up Evernote, choose the ‘Camera’ option and slide along to ‘business card’, take the snap and hey presto! Make sure you hook up your Evernote to your LinkedIn account – it will pull through the person on the card’s photo some additional info. Nice!

Keeping things efficient

We don’t mess about at Velocity, we put resource into great tools that make our lives and those of our clients easier. We try out a huge amount of tools and if they are truly helpful, will often back them with budget. You get out what you put into these things!

What tools are floating your boat? Apart from ballast tanks that is.

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