Good morning and happy Monday. It can be hard to keep up to date with all of the digital marketing blogs at the best of times, never mind at the weekend when other things, like life can get in the way! Every Monday we we’ll pull together three of the top reads from the weekend and put them here (well, links to them at least!). Time to grab a coffee…

1 – 35 Social Media Minds Give Advice on Growing Influence on Facebook

This post over on Mark Schaefer’s ‘grow’ blog takes 35 Facebook tips from some of social media’s leading minds and condenses them in to one snappy article. Well worth getting your peepers round.

2 – Klout Wants Employers to Consider A Person’s Score Before Hiring Them

If you aren’t aware of Klout, it is an online system that looks and people’s social media activity and awards them an ‘influence score’ based on that. I have never been a fan and it now appears that the Klout score is working its way in to the minds of employers. Read more over on the Techrunch article. Lord help us!

3 – I Got Fired From Facebook and it Cost me $100 Million

Tough commute to work this morning? It could be worse, you could be Noah Kagan, an ex-product manager for Facebook who got sacked for using his association with company to try and become famous. It’s a sorry tale, but you have to give Noah credit for putting this very honest article out there.

There you go folks, hopefully you found those articles interesting. If you have read something great over the weekend, feel free to share it in the comments below. Have a great week.

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