Good morning and happy Monday. It can be hard to keep up to date with all of the digital marketing blogs at the best of times, never mind at the weekend when other things, like life can get in the way! Every Monday we we’ll pull together three of the top reads from the weekend and put them here (well, links to them at least!). Time to grab a coffee…

1 – SEO & Social Media Content Still No. 1 For Digital Marketers

SEOmoz has carried out a global survey of ‘inbound marketers’ in order to find out what digital activities are demanding the biggest slice of their time. SEO and social media content are topping that list. Read the full article over on emarketer.

2 – The Top 10 Viral Videos of the Past Week

Ah, the ‘viral’ video. Marketers and brands scream it all the time – ‘we need to make a viral’. You don’t make a viral. The web makes your video go viral. Many seem to fail to understand that! Anyway, lesson over, take a look at 10 videos that did indeed go viral in the last week, including a pregnant Jennifer Aniston, lots of truckers (I said truckers) in a Volco truck and cool buses. View them over on the Simply Zesty blog.

3 – Cartoon – ‘Location Marketing’

Yet another belter from Tom Fishburne as he takes a look at the ‘new frontier’ of location based marketing. There is a fine line between giving people a valuable location based experience and being a pest. Read Toms’s thoughts here.

There you go folks, hopefully you found those articles interesting. If you have read something great over the weekend, feel free to share it in the comments below. Have a great week.

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