Good afternoon. Has your afternoon been good? Good. If it has been bad, that’s not good. Bad is not good. Sorry, I better check my bad-self and give you three good things to read. Here they are:

Ten Steps for Managing an Online Crisis

When the poop hits the online fan, things can escalate fast, so so fast. Other than panic and more than likely make things worse, what should you do? The always chirpy Gini Dietrich has written a list of steps that you should take in the event of the equivalent of an online trump in a lift. Not Donald. Read it over on Social Media Today here.

5 Ways To Protect Your Public Internet Use

Wifi is everywhere, and many of us rely on public wifi on a daily basis (perhaps when supping your chocamochachiflatalatte in your local coffee shop). But do you know if your data is safe when surfing the web (thought I’d bring back a 90s phrase there) on a public signal? This list by Brian Proffitt over on Read Write Web, gives handy tips for doing your damnedest to stay safe on public wifi.

18 Fresh Stats About the Current State of Social Media Marketing

Stats. We all need them. Among other vastly more importnat things, they help you feel truly smug when you reel a pertinent one off in a conversation. Ginny Soskey from Hubspot has listed 18 social media stats that you may want to add to your smug arsenal.

Today's post is sponsored by cheese. Available in most stores.

Today’s post is sponsored by cheese. Available in most stores.

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