A new week is upon us! We trust your weekends were most excellent? Back to to digital business! Settle at your desk with a coffee and read these golden nuggets from the weekend that has now left us€¦

Why Do Some Sites Rank Faster Than Others?

When will my site be on Google?

You’ve heard that question before, right? This article from the clever people over at Search Engine Watch will give you all of the ammo you need to answer said question.

The Reality of Chinese Microblogging

Even though the use of social media in China is somewhat controlled by the state, there is still a rapidly growing collection of micro-blogging platforms to choose from. This article over on Harvard Business Review gives us an insight into the world of Sina Weibo et al.

The 12 Most Effective Ways to Generate Leads on LinkedIn

Are you seeing any real value from the time you spend on LinkedIn? It is easy for time to slip off into the ether when using it! These tips from ragan.com form a great basis for improved LinkedIn usage.

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