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3 Must Read Digital Marketing Posts From the Weekend (15.10.2012)

By Mike McGrail

Welcome to Monday. What does the week ahead hold for you? Much excellence I bet. Time to have a look at the digital, social and content marketing stories from the weekend that are worth your time.

1 – Some hard hitting stats about the impact of Pinterest

Pinterest has been a hype-machine since launching in March 2012, at times the potential for the image-based social network has been overblown, however it certainly has its place for the right type of brand armed with the ammo to make the most of it. This article from handy resource, emarketer delivers a number of handy stats, including user age demographics – read it here.

2 – Rather nifty video from Red Bull 

There’s little chance that you missed the coverage of Felix Baumgartner and his super-sonic jump from a balloon over the weekend, however we are taking a look at another one of Red Bull’s adventurers, Jason Paul and their ‘human powered free-running machine’. Red Bull make fantastic use of content, all with the key principles of the brand in mind at all times. Take a look…

Thanks to digitalbuzz blog for bringing this to our attention.

3 – So what the heck is QDD (query deserves diversity)?

Content is the path to greatness when it comes to strong search engine rankings. That sounds simple, but devising, maintaining and optimising a content strategy can be complex if not handled correctly. This post from Search Engine Watch takes a look at the need for differentiation in your content strategy and explains QDD. Read it here.

Read something great over the weekend? Please do share it in the comments section below. Have a superb week.

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