Monday. A wise man once said it was the start of a new week. He was right. Take a look at these grand reads from over the weekend…

1 – It goes without saying : from sentiment to intent

This post looks at the issues with getting computers to understand human language and in particular, sentiment. Tracking and analysing user sentiment has almost mecca like status for digital marketers everywhere, but it has yet to be truly cracked. A very interesting read – check it out on Social Media Explorer.

2 – 5 brilliant creative campaigns that used Instagram

Instagram is already a social media monster. Over 100 million users choose it as their place to share their photos. Interaction levels between Instagram users are very high, and many brand have started to harness this. The folks over at Simply Zesty have pulled together a list of five creative and impactful campaigns using Instagram. Read it here.

3- 7 great reads from the Sprout Social blog

Our pals Sprout Social not only create rather special social media management software, but they run an informative blog too! This round-up of their week looks at Klout, embracing the Twitter chaos, restaurants doing social media right and more. Take a look! 

Read something great over the weekend? Please do share it in the comments section below. Have a superb week.

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