Monday is here and along with it, Autumn, for some this may be a depressing thought, so I though I’d write something light-hearted to raise spirits and perhaps even a smile. Every single day I see LinkedIn profile photos that make me chuckle, wince and tut. Your LinkedIn pic is a beacon on the network, it appears on your profile of course, but it is also splashed across the pages in ‘people you may know’ etc sections. Avoid the following pic styles…

1 – The passport shot 

Who ever looks good in their passport pic? Most of us are staring wide-eyed at the lens, or looking slightly criminal. There’s a high chance you’ll look washed out due to the terrible lighting and there certainly won’t be any character shining through. Keep your passport shot for customs people!

2 – The moody shot

Trying to look pensive? Deep in thought? Intense? You don’t, you just look like you’re doing a poo. Sorry.

3 – The ‘night out’ shot

You went out, dressed in your best threads, your mates took some pics and you think you look awesome in every shot. You know the ones, full length, glass in hand, quite often with red-eye or a very glossy look across the steak pies? Not good people! Firstly, you should really focus on your face so you can be recognised and second, while everyone loves a night out, it’s not the ideal pic for a professional environment.


4 – The ‘me 20 years ago’ shot

The temptation is there to use a pic that makes you look younger, however, you should really be looking to put yourself out there in the most authentic way possible and using an image that was taken a long time ago isn’t going to achieve this. Age shouldn’t matter, but if your profile info alludes to a lengthy time in employment, and you’re using a company shot from your first job 10 years ago, it just looks weird.

5  – The ‘me kicking back on holiday’ shot

Bikini? NO! Swim shorts? NO! Speedos? PLEASE NO! Keep the flesh out of sight people. Yes, you do actually see this on LinkedIn.

Crack a smile folks, show some character, and remember, the woodchuck can chuck wood.

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