Like many of you I suspect, I have limited time to read wise-words and insights from fellow marketers and business types. Due to this, I try to keep my sources to a minimum. I thought it would be nice to share some of my current favourites. Here goes…

1 – Sean Smith

Sean just came onto my radar recently (I have an actual radar, and a sonar, they’re wearables) and the man talks a serious amount of sense, in a nice, honest manner. A recent post called for marketing to improve its design focus, within which Sean states that he rejects the offer of marketing consultancy work if the potential client’s design isn’t conversion-focused, as the traffic he generates won’t help – a very transparent approach.  Check out this article and more from Sean over on Medium. You can also follow Mr Smith on Twitter at @snsmth.

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2 – Sarah Cooper

Regardless if you’re an employee or run a business, there are certain things that happen on a day-to-day basis that will make you laugh, cry and barely stifle an eruption of rage. Sarah writes about business in an incredibly satirical fashion and it makes my chuckle. Her ‘advice’ actually works, as often, it’ll be the opposite of what you should do. Read ’10 Tricks to Appear Smart During Meetings’ and many more nuggets over on Medium. Check out Sarah on Twitter at @sarahcpr. Here’s a tip that’s sure to make you look very smart in any meeting…

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3 – Bob Hoffman

You many well know Bob as ‘The Ad Contrarian’ and I’m certainly not the first to praise his writing. Bob is what you could term as an ‘old-school ad guy’, but his thinking and opinion is bang up to date. A recent quote from Mr Hoffman regarding social media…

“You’ve read about the millions of followers this brand or that person has and you think that if you can create some “compelling content” you, too, will be a social media winner.

I’m afraid I have bad news.

It doesn’t matter how “compelling” or “engaging” your “content” is, for the most part it’s likely that nobody gives a shit about you

Straight-talking gold. You can read Bob’s work here. He kicks it on Twitter too – @AdContrarian.

4 – Danny Brown

Fellow Scot, Danny Brown has been casting his wise words around all thing digital marketing for a number of years now, and the Canada resident delivers applicable advice on a regular basis. His site is also a joy to behold. Read articles such as ‘The Three Core Tenets Every Successful Blogger Needs to Have’ and more here. He’s also calling people ‘mate’ a lot over on Twitter at @DannyBrown.

5 – Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vee. I was always aware of the chap, but then I saw him speak at a conference earlier this year and I started to believe the hype (and professed my love for him – read here). Gary delivers excellent advice on everything from social media, to competing with Fortune 500 companies, the thing that makes me go back to Gary’s stuff over and over again, is that when I’m reading it, I can feel the energy and passion. Did I just type that? That’s what the man does to me. Soak up Gary’s content here. He’s tweeting at @GaryVee.


Swoon! (

There you go! Hopefully I’ve brought a couple of new faces your attention. If not, I do apologise. Feel free to make further recommendations in the comments below, or tweet me!

I write about marketing, business and things over on Medium, my toddler gave it 10/10, so it must be good!

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