Podcasts are a great way to learn, hear great insights and keep that brain ticking over when on the move. I’ve been listening to them for years now, and have five that I try to listen to every week. It may seem strange that some of these are marketing, and some of them are mainly based around technology, but those two areas are major passions of mine and the lines between the two are increasingly blurred. Anyway, enough waffle, here’s my  list of must-read marketing and technology podcasts…

1 – The wired.co.uk podcast (technology)

I subscribe to Wired UK and really enjoy their weekly podcast (published on Thursdays). The 30 min show is a whistle-stop tour of some of the best stories from wired.co.uk (and beyond) and is hosted by Nate Laxon,  Olivia Solon (read my interview with Olivia from back in 2011 here) and a cast of other co-hosts. I find it a brilliant summary of the latest technology news and love the fact that it’s only 30 minutes.

Download links etc here.

The old Vs the new.

The old Vs the new.

2 – The Beancast (marketing)

I’ve been listening to The Beancast for so long that the voice of host, Bob Knorpp is like that of a familiar friend. Bob hosts a weekly discussion (published on a Sunday) about many different aspect of marketing, from social media to good old-fashioned advertising. Mr Knorpp is usually joined by three guests, all from differing backgrounds, usually of a very high-calibre and they tend to bring a great breadth of insight and opinion to the table. When a podcast is based upon a panel, it takes a strong host to ensure the conversation is at a high level and flows, and Bob always achieves that. The podcast is 60 minutes, but rattles through 3-4 topics per episode and has a nice pace. Bob, if you’re reading, I’d love to be a guest!

Check out the archive and links to subscribe here


A cool bean.

3 – Speaking in Tech (technology)

A recent addition to my podcast arsenal is Speaking in Tech – a weekly look at technology that usually comes in at less than and hour and is a deep-dive into the latest advances in gadgets, hardware, software and bras. Yes, I said bras. See episode 88 for evidence. The hosts have a great rapport and don’t take things too seriously, while still delivering a huge amount of insight. Download links etc here.

4 – Marketing Over Coffee (marketing)

Another long-term fixture in my ears is Marketing Over Coffee. It comes out on Thursdays and is usually only 20 minutes long, which is the perfect burst of marketing chat for commuting etc. Hosted by the super-clever Christopher S.Penn and John Wall, I always find it a refreshing listen as they don’t get bogged down in social media marketing – they often cover email, PPC etc and their experience and insight into those areas is massive. Make it a part of your routine! Download links etc here.


Two cups, one table…

5 – Social Pros

Social media giant, Jay Baer, invites a marketer (usually from a big brand) to join him for a discussion about the business in question’s use of social media for marketing purposes. I like this one as it really digs deep into the approach of the guest’s employer and often looks at marketing from a B2B perspective. Another one that comes in at under an hour, and while it can be a bit cheesy (sorry Jay!), the content is spot-on. Download links etc here.

Do you have any you’d like to add to this list?

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