It can be very easy for brands (businesses, organisations etc) to get stuck in a social media rut, rolling along with moderate success and feeling quite smug about it. I guarantee that the majority could be doing better. Often people use the ‘lack of time’ excuse and it can be the case that resource for social media activity can be scarce – with that in mind, I’ve written a list of five things you can do today to make your social media use and presence better…

1 – Refresh your bios, descriptions and profile images/avatars

When is the last time you took a look at say, your Twitter bio and assessed its impact? Is it telling people who you are, what you do and what they can get from following you? It won’t take you long to rewrite, so give it a go. Same goes for any other description or ‘about’ section across the social web – keep them refreshed and relevant. Change up your Facebook cover image, Twitter header etc too – people like a visual change from time to time.

2 – Re-connect with an old friend

Ok, friend may be a bit strong, but I bet there are people that have had a strong relationship with your business via social media in the past? Whether that be those that have commented a lot on your Facebook Page, or perhaps been an avid reader and commentator on your blog. Why not try and rekindle that bond by saying hello and sharing a nice piece of content with them? We all need friends around us…

I struggled to find an appropriate image, ok!

I struggled to find an appropriate image, ok!

3 – Tidy up your Twitter lists

Twitter lists allow you to create lists of Twitter users/your followers that can be used to keep up to date with their tweets. For example, you may have one for regular customers – is this up to date? Are there people have recently become regulars? Time to refresh the list(s) – it won’t take long!

4 – Look at your last 5 tweets etc and analyse them

Have they had a decent variety to them? What has the interaction been like? What has attracted the most attention and generated the most actions? Have the majority of them be purely text based? If so, you need to mix things up a little. Live and learn baby!

5 – Ask your audience what they like/dislike about your activity

An easy way to do this is to set up a poll on Facebook (click Event/milestone and then Question in your update box). Ask your ‘likers’ (can we just call them fans please?!?) what they enjoy about your Page, what they would like more of, less of etc. Don’t be scared, they will most likely appreciate the fact that you are striving to deliver them a valuable experience.

There you go, five things, none of which will take you a long time. Get going. Now. I’ll time you.

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