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I never really known what to call myself. I’ve worked in marketing for years, with the vast majority of that time spent in ‘digital’. I’ve labelled myself as a ‘digital marketing consultant’ as it sums up what I do, I help businesses to make the most of the digital technologies we have at our disposal today. I thought some of you (that could translate to no one!) might be interested to find out what a typical (office bound) day involves for me. No day is really ‘typical’, but I’ll do the best I can.


I won’t bore you with my breakfast routine, just be safe in the knowledge that it includes caviar on toast washed down with orange juice freshly squeezed by the hooves of a unicorn.

Before I’ve reached the office, any client emails that have come in overnight have been answered while gorging on my caviar – I like to get back to people early, this also ensures I can hit the ground running when I reach the office. The first task on arrival is to take stock of the various client activities that are in place. For example, if I’m running a social media campaign, what content has had the most attention and highest through-put? Is there anything from users of the platform that requires answering? What can we learn from the previous day’s activity and act on? This can take a good while, but it’s essential! Another example could be PPC (pay per click) campaigns, again looking at the activity on say, Facebook ads and tweaking according to the data. A lot of what I do is about observing activity, learning and implementing based on those learnings.

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Once the analysis is over, I tend to grab a coffee and take a look at the numerous blogs that I read in order to catch up with the digital marketing news. This field moves so quickly that it is hugely important to keep right on-top of the latest technology, trends and data. Being organised with your reading is essential for efficiency. I use feedly to pull together all of the sites I read. This also allows for easy sharing across the social web and with my clients. In an ideal world this reading would happen everyday, in reality this can be tough!

From there, I’ll do the rounds with the various associates I work with, this ranges from writers to web developers, and ensures that everything is on track for the next stage of my client’s plan. I drive the strategy and manage all projects for my clients and build a team of tried and trusted associated to ensure the right expertise and skills are in place for each client’s needs.


After lunch, which usually takes the form of 8 courses served up at the local Michelin starred eatery (read rubbish sandwich at desk while trying not to destroy my keyboard), I tend to flip in to planning mode. A huge part of what I do is look at the marketing and communications needs of a client’s business and work out how digital can be applied, where it should be applied, when it should be applied and what needs to be created. I need to make sure it is fully integrated with non-digital activity, and that everybody within the business is aware of what will be happening.

While I always write plans in advance that span 6-12 months, the learnings (that so isn’t a word, but everybody uses it) from the live work and analysis have to be taken in to account and reflected in future plans. I also need to make sure that there is room to be pro-active.

I also need to plan what I’ll be talking about on this very blog, which can be difficult. While I spend a lot of time planning for my clients, I find my own writing to be based on spontaneous thoughts or ideas a lot of the time. I can also often have a presentation or lecture to write, I love public speaking and am doing a lot more of it now.

While this planning is going on, I’m also in contact with clients, monitoring activity and looking for opportunities to grow my business. The day finishes with a summary sweep of all activity and the completion of a to do list for the next day!


I retire to my colonial mansion and sup single malt whisky while reflecting on another day in paradise. Not likely! There are many days when I spend a lot of time out of the office in meetings – once I’ve spent time with my family etc, I’ll be sure to catch up on anything that was unable to be completed during the day. I’ve got a good work/life balance and I like to think that comes from being as organised as possible. I love what I do, which helps!

If you’d like to talk to me outside of this here comments section, feel free to contact me.


Unicorn image used under creative commons and via Rob Boudon on Flickr. I added the orange. Header Images via Shutterstock.

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