Using social media from a brand perspective can be a tricky pursuit, especially in a fashion that appeals to the customers, fans and prospects of said brand. However, there are some very simple things that can be done in order to create valuable interactions with your audience – unfortunately a high proportion of brands seem to forget this.

An example

Last week, I attended an event (this one incase you’re interested!), on the way in to the event, there were a number of drinks available, I decided to grab a rather cool looking bottle of Heineken. As a fan of beer, I often tweet a pic of any interesting beers/bottles etc I come across, I did exactly that in this case…

‘Rather cool aluminium bottle of Heineken. #beer.’

Screen Shot 2013-01-29 at 12.53.58


Nothing spectacular about the tweet or the picture. I liked the bottle so I tweeted it. Notice I didn’t even use a Heineken related Twitter username.

The next day…

I received a tweet from @Heineken_UK

Screen Shot 2013-01-29 at 13.00.41

From there we had a quick chat about the bottles and they informed me that there would be further limited edition releases in the future. Why I am writing about this? It impressed me. They are clearly listening to Twitter chatter about the brand and that little tweet they sent me made me feel appreciated. The chat that followed also alerted me to the fact that there would be further bottles being released – I will genuinely look out for them now and if I do find one, will most likely tweet about it again. One very quick piece of work from the brand and they have endeared themselves to a consumer of their product, created a potential future sale and increased the chances of me creating further content for them.  So simple, but many forget to carry out this type of activity.

Of course, you can’t always track and answer every mention of your brand, but by taking a little time to do so, you can make a big impression. When you think about your social media activity, be sure to include some simple activities in the plan. You may find they are the most effective…

Have you had a nice, simple interaction with a brand via social media? Please do tell us in the comments section below.

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