I’m enjoying experimenting with Vine, the new short-burst video sharing app from Twitter. Vine only allows you to record and publish a video that lasts a maximum of 6 seconds. This morning, I wondered if this would allow for the creation of a video blog-post that would give people a rapid burst of handy information. One of the most-read blog posts here on the Velocity Digital Blog is ‘Key Tips for Twitter Etiquette‘ so I thought I’d summarise that via Vine…

I had to upload the video to YouTube in order to embed it here. Vine currently only allows you to share the video to Facebook and Twitter, but you can right-click your video on the web version and save to your computer.

So what do you think? The quality isn’t great, but does it get the points across? Subliminal learning?!? Have you played about with Vine, enjoying it?

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