Three, two, one. Launch.

‘Eazy Exclude’ is a new product on the market and has just launched its presences on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr. On day one, the team is so excited to be out there and talking about the thing that has been their raison d’être for months, maybe years. The tweets fly – ‘so good to be launched, we can’t wait to hear from you all!’, alongside photos instagrammed within an inch of their lives of the team with big cheesy grins and slapping high fives. Man, what a feeling.

Our first follower!

The first couple of followers trickle in on Twitter, two bots, damn, but wait, there’s another, a real person, ‘Dave’ from London, he says he loves foam draft excluders, we sell those! Follow him, follow him now! Man, what a feeling.

Our first conversation

We said hi to Dave, thanked him following us, he said hi back and that he liked our draft excluders. Dave is so cool. Wonder if he’ll buy one? Better not ask him to, that would rude right? Screw it, I’m going to ask ‘Dave it would be awesome if you’d be our 1st customer, there’s a great FAQ on our site here if you want to know more’. Send. Look! A response, what did he say? ‘I am going to buy one for sure!’. WOAH! Shut the front door! We’ve had an interaction and it has more than likely led to a sale! I think I’ll ask Dave to send us a picture of him with his draft excluder, you know, some UGC (user generated content) and all that!. Social media is so awesome. Man, what a feeling.

The followers etc keep on coming

Guys, check us out, 102 Twitter followers, 210 Likes on Facebook (ok, remove 54 of them, they are our friends), a nice number of re-blogs on our Tumblr page and over 30 people have re-pinned our stuff on Pinterest. Best of all, people are talking about us, clicking our links and visiting the site from social media. Dave even sent us a video of him lying next to his draft excluder, it looks like love. We’ve made great progress in four weeks. Man, what a feeling.

The early rot sets in

Guys, we need to have an emergency social media meeting, right now! Everybody to the social media command centre! Can somebody please explain what in the name of veiny blue cheese is going on? Our tweets are falling on deaf ears. Facebook is like a zombie waste-land and unless there’s a virtual pin shortage, our Pinterest boards are receiving about as much attention as a leper in a lift. We are 7 weeks in and the world is caving in around us! I need answers and I need them now. Mr Bossman just had an early-stage social media freak-out. Man, what a rubbish feeling.

Enter Suzie

Suzie has been pretty quiet since launch, she’s a little shy and scared of saying the wrong thing. But she saw the writing on wall at week two. She decides to speak up. Erm, Mr Bossman, I think we need a plan. We’ve just jumped into this with no real idea what we want to achieve with our social media activity and importantly, what we are going to be talking about. We need content, we need to plan it out and we need to really analyse the effect our activity is having. It is still early, and we have made a good start, but without really thinking about our future activity, we are going to struggle to build any momentum. We didn’t even really think about our choice of platform, perhaps Tumblr isn’t the right place for our product? Suzie said, in a timid, yet strangely authoritative tone. Man, that felt good.

Suzie is right

Suzie’s colleagues visibly recoiled when she started her semi-rant, but by the end, they were on their feet giving her a standing ovation and whooping and hollering like a bunch of chimps jacked up on Red Bull and monkey nuts. Mr Bossman looked slight miffed, but deep down he knew she was right and he told her this, but not in front of the rest of the team, as that would have shown too much public praise. You see, Mr Bossman has self-esteem issues due to premature baldness, a stomach that needs an industrial harness to stop it clearing the items from his desk on a regular basis, breath that would strip the paint from a tank and a severe obsession with Celine Dion and Justin Bieber. He likes to make mashups of their songs and dance around the house naked, harness cast to the side in gay abandon.

Enough about Mr Bossman. It can be very hard when your brand/business etc ventures out in to social media for the first time. You do get a real buzz from initial interactions and people showing an interest, especially if you can see that activity converting to enquires or sales, it’s natural, we want to be loved. When that starts to fall off, it can be very hard to take and also to know how to remedy. In my little story, Suzie hit the nail on the head – you need to have spent time planning your activity and content in advance of anything going live. This ensures that you can maintain that early momentum and avoid an early-stage drop-off. Proactively plan and leave room for being re-active too. Suzie was also correct when she said that you need to spend time assessing the social media platforms that are the best fit for you. Don’t spray and pray, be selective and start small. This post about content planning may be of use to you.


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