It can be easy to blog away about what brands etc should be doing to make the most of social media, however it can be just as valuable to take a look at a brand that is making great use of the space. Let’s do that very thing with apparel company, TOMS.

Facebook Focus

TOMS has a really nice ethos at its core – for every pair of shoes or sunglasses bought, they give a pair to a person in need. This ethos radiates through everything they do. Their use of Facebook is excellent, from the design right through to the content.

Cover Image

Their cover image is regularly changed, often using an image from one of the fans of the brand – a nice touch that makes their customers feel part of something. The current image focusses on their partnership with men’s health charity, Movember. The Facebook cover image is a real opportunity to grab user’s attention and pull them in to your Page. There are rules around what you can and can’t include in the image (such as web addresses), so be careful not to infringe on them! Be creative and think about how your image can fit in with your overall message or campaign.


TOMS make great use of imagery across their Page. I particularly like their ‘Personified’ feature – it uses shots of a staff member wearing a TOMS product, but with a stronger focus on the team member, adding personality and a human touch to the proceedings.

Example of Personified


Facebook is the perfect vehicle for brands to release details of their new products to eager fans. TOMS make good use of this with regular product related imagery. TOMS always aims to get their fans involved by asking them to upload pics of them wearing their product.

Video is perhaps the most powerful form of content and TOMS use it well. Often their videos focus on the people that benefit from their ‘one for one’ programme, or the figures that facilitate their work. The video below is a nice example of this.

The Facebook Timeline is perfect for Pages that use high volumes of imagery and video and TOMS certainly takes advantage of this.


While TOMS maintains a very active Page in terms of content, they don’t often interact directly with their fans. However, their updates still receive high levels of likes and comments and often their fans talk among themselves. It can be the case that it is best for the brand to feed the community and let them take it from there, something that is exemplified in the case of TOMS.

Do you have a favourite brand that is using social well? Please share in the comments below.

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