Wondering who Apple Girl is? Well, she’s my new hero. Over the festive period, my iPhone wouldn’t charge unless I wiggled the bit that goes in the bottom (technical term) a lot. It was frustrating and also a massive first world problem. My home town of Edinburgh finally got an Apple Store towards the end of last year, so I took myself along to the shiny, smiley retail space to see what they could do.

What happened?!?

I walked in, within seconds a cheeky chappie popped on over and asked ‘Citizen what is your boggle?’ Wait sorry, this isn’t Demolition Man – he asked how he could help. I told him about my wiggly charger issue and he pointed me in the direction of his colleague in charge of ‘technical issues’ for that day. Enter Apple Girl. I had to wait two minutes for her attention. Her eyes fixed on me…

  • AG – How can I help?
  • ME – My phone won’t charge prop…
  • AG – Do you have to wiggle the charger?
  • ME – Yes, yes I do!
  • AG – Give me your phone young sir
  • ME – Here, here take it!
  • AG – I think you have a lint problem bro
  • ME – Dear God! Is that serious?
  • AG – Stay calm geezer…

At that she pulled out a tool from her utility belt, inserted it into the charger port and extracted a mammoth piece of pocket fluff. She looked me in the eye and said ‘I think that works perfectly now pally-doodle-dandy’. I waltzed over to a charging station, inserted the charger and as sure as the day is long, my phone gleefully accepted it, sans wiggle. Thank you Apple Girl. Please note, the language in this exchange may have been slightly embellished.

Can your service be as heroic as Apple Girl’s?

What was so great about this experience? It was fast, friendly and effective. She quickly identified the issue, solved it, and was charming throughout the whole process. On top of that, she was clearly highly knowledgable. If you can adopt that approach in your business, you’ll win. Take that approach with your social media customer service, and you’ll delight your customers.

Be more Apple Girl…

In your opinion, what creates great customer service?

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