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The team at deltaDNA approached me with a clear objective - assess our use of digital marketing across social media, content marketing and Google Adwords and deliver actionable recommendations. deltaDNA, a SaaS games analytics provider based in Edinburgh and San Francisco, lives and breathes by subscriptions to their service, something that meant my recommendations had to be geared towards increasing those.

Our process

The first stage of this project involved two face-to-face consultations with the deltaDNA team. I had to understand their approach to marketing, their current processes, their overall business model, the industry they play in, why people buy from them, who their customers are and what makes them tick - the list goes on and on! I always go to great lengths to paint a very clear picture of my client's business and these consultations were backed up with a serious amount of desk research.

One of the key areas of this audit was Google Adwords. In order to deliver the best possible results, I decided to bring in a Velocity partner agency, StormID to bring their pearls of wisdom to the table. I regularly work with the top specialists across areas of digital that fall out-with my core strengths in order to augment the offering.

StormID went through the Google Adwords activity with a fine-tooth-comb while I set about a deep analysis of their social media activity (both paid and organic), content marketing and email marketing.


The output

Once all of the analysis was complete, the findings and recommendations were written-up in a document that was sent to deltaDNA for reading. Once the team had digested it, I went to present the audit face-to-face, answering any questions and ensuring the client was happy with the finished product. The audit covered:

  • The deltaDNA site from a branding and marketing process perspective
  • The blend of content - was content in the right format for their needs?
  • Frequency of content creation
  • Ideas for content themes to match the needs of the business and its customers
  • An assessment of site traffic and actions generated by marketing activity that leads to the content
  • An audit of the use of each social media platform (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn) and their social audience
  • Recommendations for content for each platform
  • Advice on an optimal posting schedule
  • Advice on paid social media activity
  • A system for assessing the impact of social media activity
  • An audit of Google Adwords activity with recommendations for optimisation

It was a very interesting project and gave me a great insight in to the mobile gaming world! This type of project is right down my alley.

If you'd like me to audit your activity and create a strategy for you, please feel free to email me or call 0131 322 5295.

"We engaged with Velocity Digital to deliver an audit of our digital marketing activity, across social media (paid and organic), content marketing and Google Adwords. The final product was a highly detailed assessment that included actionable advice for the improving our marketing return. We've started to implement the findings and are already seeing results. I was impressed at the lengths Velocity went to learn about our business and industry and enjoyed the process"

Mark Robinson CEO
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