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The Process

I held an initial consultation with senior members of the intelligentpos team, during which I gathered information on (among other things!), their plans for growth, the market, how they see the brand, their competitors, values and current marketing capabilities.

From there, I held a workshop with further key members of the team, spanning marketing, sales and customer satisfaction. Here's a pic of the team role-playing as customers and intelligentpos staff, this helps them to see things from both angles.

During this workshop, we dug into how the various departments work, the challenges they face and built a very clear picture of the intelligentpos customer base and prospects. I then took this input, coupled it with desk research and created two documents:

  • An overall strategy piece that set the strategy's mission, defined the content types most suitable, established key communications themes for the strategy, guidance on content distribution, analysis and reporting and more!
  • A segmentation grid and editorial plan - this broke down intelligentpos's customers by persona, mapped them against key stages of the funnel and devised ideas for content across all required forms for each area.

I felt this approach was important as it allowed the team to take my work and quickly implement it, without having to create the initial plan first. It was great to work with the intelligentpos team! Testimonial to follow.

If you'd like to work with me on your content marketing strategy (Velocity can create your content too!), please feel free to email me or call 0131 322 5295

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