What would the world be like if there really were psychic people? Nothing would be secret, these people would have the ultimate power of revelation. A scary thought. The basis of the novel, First and Only is exactly that – one true psychic called Psimon, he is haunted by the murder of an old friend, constantly battling his inner demons and fighting to evade governments who believe his powers are too dangerous.

A top selling British thriller

Written by Peter Flannery and published via Kindle, First and Only quickly gathered a legion of dedicated fans, with over 500 reviews at 4* and above. It truly is a ‘page-turner’ and sits somewhere between the Bourne movies and The Six Sense. One fan was Magnus Wake, the highly respected Edinburgh based film maker, in fact, Magnus is such a fan of the novel that he contacted Peter to ask about the possibility of securing the film rights, and the rest, as they say is history.

Enter the crowdfund!

In order to help make the First and Only feature length movie a reality, Magnus and his team decided that crowdfunding would be a great way to capture the imagination of fans of the novel and the wider movie-loving public. Velocity Digital have been supporting the social media campaign around the crowdfund, our first foray into this area and it has been an excellent project to be involved in and one the team here back to the hilt. Crowfunding usually works on a ‘perk’ basis – you pledge a certain amount of money towards the fund and in return receive something back once the crowdfund project is complete. First and Only has a number of perks, but the one that really captures our imagination is ‘Directors Envy’.


Play your part in the making of the movie

Backing this £45 perk will grant you access to a private social network, within which you’ll be able to contribute to and and shape the direction of the movie. Scripts and first edits of scenes will be available, as well as casting videos – you’ll be able to vote and comment, putting you at the heart of the process. There’s a multitude of other great perks, ranging from Selfie Thank You’s to Red Carpet Premiere access. Get over to the Indiegogo page now and get behind this exciting project.


Who’s the cast?

Well, that has yet to be decided as a number of the roles will be awarded as the result of open casting sessions. Talented actors have a real chance to be a part of this movie! So far over 800 people have registered for the castings, to do so, visit this page. You might recognise this chap…


That’s James Robinson, who captured hearts as the young William Wallace in Braveheart. Most recently he’s been playing one of the leads in In Time o’ Strife  by Joe Corrie. This brilliant production for the National Theatre of Scotland has been garnishing rave reviews and was one of the ways that director Magnus Wake saw him. Last year he also played Andy in Brassed Off which recently toured the UK, also to great acclaim. James will be playing the lead, Psimon!

What’s with the ‘P’?

Psimon? Eh? This interview with Peter Flannery (the author) explains all!

What next?

The crowdfund has 27 days to run and has raised £19,000 of the £50,000 target, an amazing start! Get behind this and help to make it happen! Visit the Indiegogo page here and back the fund, perks range from £1 – £5000.

Of course, if you don’t back it, we’ll know. Psimon is our pal…

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