I’ve been seeing an increase in the the use of ‘MT’ on Twitter. In all honesty, I didn’t know what it meant – after looking it up, I found that it stands for ‘modified tweet’. For example:

MT @mike_mcgrail I see absolutely no need for the world to start using ‘MT’ in tweets.

The original tweet read:

I see absolutely no need at all on any day of the week, month or year for the world to start using ‘MT’ in tweets.

So, the person that decided to re-tweet my tweet added ‘MT’ to it in order to let the world know that they had modified my original tweet. Just to clarify, this didn’t actually happen, it is purely a made-up example.

Is there any need for ‘MT’?

I asked my Twitter pals:

A mixed response! Personally I’m not convinced there is a real need to use it. Twitter is born of simplicity and adding more mechanics is just going to blur that.

What do you think about ‘MT’? Have you even noticed it? Something you’ll be adopting? Do tell!

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