Happy new year! I hope 2017 is a lip-smacking success for you. This is my first full day back at my desk since the festive break began and I tell you what, it feels rather great.

If you’ve been following my diary, you’ll know that in late 2016, I returned to the world of consultancy after spending the majority of the year in employment. This meant that the tail-end of the year felt like a false-start, I was desperate for 2017 to arrive, and now it has, I’m super-excited.

Setting Goals for the Year

I’ve never been one to make a list of new year resolutions, I think they often are just a nice way to set oneself up for failure. Yes, every year, I say I’m going to get fitter, eat better and so on, but they’re not resolutions, just wise moves if you want to live an extended and happy life.

What about business though? I’ve got one goal this year:


‘To fill my time working on projects that make a huge difference to the client and test me at all times’


Wow, that sounds so cheesy, like an off-the-shelf motivational quote you see plastered all over social media. You know what? I don’t care! It’s a sensible goal however I phrase it.

If I’m not making a real difference to the businesses I work with, then I’m failing to do my job. I don’t want to cruise along, delivering the same work time and time again, I want to be continually tested and always be upgrading my thinking.

How will I hold myself accountable to that goal? By only working with clients that need someone with my skills and level of  experience and being truly honest with myself when it comes to assessing my effectiveness. I’ll let you know how I’m getting on. What’s your one big goal for this year?

Holiday Problems

Are you able to switch off from work when on a break? I just can’t do it. I love taking time off to spend with my lovely family and so on, but after around three days, I get almost anxious about not working. This festive season was no exclusion from that and I was itching (not literally) to get back to it.

It’s probably not healthy, or another way to look at it would be that it shows you care about what you do perhaps? Although I’m sure many people who care about their jobs do manage to mentally down-tools. Being your own boss likely makes it even harder.

What’s the secret? Is there one? Am I a fool? Please do share in the comments or drop me a tweet @mike_mcgrail, heck, even email me of you like – hello@velocitydigital.co.uk.

That’s all for now you cheeky devils! Enjoy the diet.


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