Our clever pals over at Sprout Social have compiled an excellent report titled ‘The Sprout Social Index – Customer Engagement and Care’. It’s jam packed full of great data and insight and I though it would be cool to pull out some of the key nuggets for you, the beautiful readers of this blog. Here we go…

Total monthly active users across Twitter and Facebook

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Since the end of Q3 in 2012, Twitter has seen an increase of 44% in terms of monthly active users – that’s pretty damn huge! This doesn’t surprise me, Twitter is everywhere you look these days and the awareness and intrigue around it is growing all the time. Facebook ‘only’ saw an increase of 17% in the same time period. I think 2013 was the year that Facebook started to plummet in terms of relevance – people, especially those pesky kids, are looking elsewhere – Facebook isn’t cool anymore.

Growth in Social Network Vs User Engagement

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The Index shows a 175% increase in messages sent to brands on Twitter and Facebook that require response or attention. People want to be served via social, that has never been more apparent, and being present as a brand on Facebook or Twitter and not being willing to serve is no longer acceptable.

Fastest Growing Industries by Inbound Message Volume (Q3 2012 – Q3 2012)

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It’s no surprise that the ‘utilities’ category has seen such an increase! Certainly in the UK where we’ve seen energy prices sharply increase, leading many people to take to social media and demand answers from the providers. But what platform (Facebook or Twitter), is favoured by users across those categories?

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It’s interesting to see Twitter being the dominant force in the Technology category, does this show that techie types are smart enough to see the benefits of using Twitter as their route to getting answers from brands etc? What benefits Mike? Well, it’s a much quicker medium for a start and brands also freak out if they get a negative tweet due to the truly public nature of it. However, a school report for brand users of Facebook and Twitter would read ‘must be faster’, as you can see in the chart below…

Average Response Time, Across All Industries

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Response time is getting worse. Not good enough! 11.3 hours. I’d expect a response to an email in less time than that, never mind a social-based response. The full report has response times via industry – believe it or not, banking/finance is the fastest!

The Rigour

The data from the horses mouth:

‘The Sprout Social Index is a report compiled and released by Sprout Social. All referenced data is based on nearly 20,000 public social profiles (8,731 Twitter, 10,671 Facebook) of continually active accounts between Q3 2012 and Q3 2013. More than 160 million messages sent during that time were analyzed for the purposes of this report.’ 

That’s a decent sample folks! I really recommend you download the full report, it’s choc-a-block with some rather tasty insights and data. It also has a rather nice section that’ll give you some sound advice on how to engage with and serve customers via social media.

Are you miffed at slow social media response time from brands, or are you happy with the service you receive? Please do tell us in the comments below!

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