Strong statement right? But one I fell very strongly about. I don’t think it will take me too long to explain this…

Facebook = Friends, Family and Frivolity

That subheading is copyright. I’m quite proud of it. Ha.

Anyway, back on track. John runs a chain of car-washes (have an A1 day). He is desperately on the look out for a new firm of lawyers to provide legal support. He is on Facebook one night, having a drop of banter with his chums. All of a sudden, he thinks ‘I’m going to use Facebook to find a great new lawyer!’.


He doesn’t think that, and I bet you that very few people do. Why? When the average person uses Facebook, they are doing so in order to stay in touch with friends, family and perhaps waste their lives playing silly games about candy. If they are doing anything outside of that, it tends to be related to something far less serious than searching for accountants, lawyers, solicitors, office equipment suppliers, cleaning services and so on and so forth. If they allocate any of their Facebook time to activities outside of friends, family and games, it is likely to be related to brands, products etc they like to keep up with, you know, fairly frivolous things.

Image via (creative commons)

Image via (creative commons)

A sweeping statement

It is that, however, I think it’s sound advice – if you are predominantly a B2B organisation, Facebook should be a very low priority in your marketing and comms mix. In fact, I would wager that you’ll do just fine without it.

I don’t believe you Mike

There will be examples of good Facebook B2B use and kudos to those behind them (I bet the time put into that success is huge and more than is required on other platforms), but if you don’t believe me, and are based in B2B, go and give Facebook a go, and come back to me in two months with tales of success. If you can do that, and prove me wrong, I’ll give you a day of my time for free. If you are currently making waves with Facebook in the B2B world, then please do let me know and I’ll be happy to congratulate you. Oh, and by success, I mean sales.

Facebook is getting harder and harder to crack for all businesses, read why here.

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