Happy Friday one and all. Today, I’d like to share some tips that will allow you to maintain a friendly Twitter presence. I’ll cut to the chase and get right to the golden nuggets…

1 – Don’t mass follow

It can be very tempting to follow large numbers of Twitter users, especially when starting out – it is best to avoid this. Try to maintain a reasonable balance of followers Vs following, it looks less spammy and creates a stronger first impression.

2 – Don’t send auto-DMs

Many Twitter users chose to automatically send a DM (Direct Message) to people who have decided to follow/follow them back. Usually, the DM will ask the user to visit a site, connect on another social platform or push a sales message. This creates a terrible first impression and often leads to an immediate unfollow. By all means send a DM, but make it personal and ensure it has a purpose beyond selfish gains.

3 – Give thanks when thanks are due

It can be very hard to do, but if people are re-tweeting you, mentioning you to other Twitter users or giving a #FF (follow-friday), do try to thank them. You don’t want a feed full of ‘Thanks’ but try to get in the habit of regularly showing your appreciation.

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4 – Have a bio, avatar and link

The Twitter bio is your space to tell the world about you – not having one is an opportunity missed and is often the mark of a spammer. The same goes for an avatar, always have something in place, preferably a photo of you (just make sure it doesn’t look like one of these!) or something that represents your business. Also, make sure you have a link that people can follow to find out more about you. Makes sense right?

5 – Don’t ask someone why they un-followed you

If you are keeping track of your followers, and you notice that somebody has decided to stop following you, don’t ask them why they took that decision. This has happened to me on a few occasions and it is just plain awkward as the answer is naturally going to be negative!

6 – Try to give credit at all times

If you’re linking to a piece of web content, always try to credit the source. You can do this by adding (via @twitterusername) at the end of your Tweet, or if you can’t find a Twitter username, add the site URL.

There you go folks, 6 tips for a happier Twitter life. Have you got a Twitter bug-bear? Another tip you’d like to share? Do tell!

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