Friday! It’s got six letters and starts with F! Grab a coffee or your beverage of choice and enjoy these three nuggets of excellence.

UPS makes little Carson’s day

Warning! This is cute. Very, very cute. Nicely put together video too.

Got a friend who is so proud of things they do to their tech?

Perhaps they’re always showing you apps they ‘found’ or they’ve got a ‘natty’ new sticker on their Mac? Or maybe they’ve jailbroken their iPhone? Next time they leave it unlocked, upload the below and save it as their background. Ha! Thanks to joecooool418 on Reddit.


Skeletor of He-Man fame hacks Honda’s twitter account

This slapped me in the face with a big wet nostalgia fish during the week! A nice little bit of social activity, but clever as this will appeal to many of the people who may be interested in their family cars due to the generational age of He-Man fans. See the full story here.


Have a great weekend. Remember, z before x but only before 3. Oh and also remember to subscribe to our blog, simply scroll down a wee bit and you can choose RSS or email. We give you the full post.

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