This week, Gillette celebrates 100 years since its first even patent. They decided to celebrate this with a Facebook post. The post is pretty straight forward, and not really that celebratory, but it has certainly drawn attention. The completely wrong type of attention that is. Here’s the post image:

Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 09.10.43

So far, the post has attracted 646 comments, nice going. Apart from the fact that the vast, vast majority of them are deriding current Gillette razors, stating that the 1904 version is better, Gillette are a bunch of money-grabbing swines, people pointing to other razor manufacturers and just generally jumping on the bandwagon and being nasty.

What kind of response has Gillette made?


Zip! Not even a single scratch of a razor down a stubbly cheek. This is a classic example of letting things go so far towards negative, that any interjection now is just going to lead to more pain for Gillette. They could take the post down, but that would be very foolish indeed, this is currently hot over on Reddit and bringing it down will only cause more negative vibrations (like their fancy razors) across the web. They just need to let this one fizzle out, as there is no solution to the problem – it’s to do with their product and unless they go back to only creating one-blade razors, they aren’t going to win this one. You can see the reaction from Facebook users here.

A real case of brand stubble-rash. They got totally (razor) burned.

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