Every day this week, I’ve highlighted a bad social media ad. In the name of balance, I thought it would be nice to focus on a good ad today. The fact is, that I see far more bad than good, which means that perfect balance will be hard to achieve, but that’s life eh? Lets get this match underway shall we?

Google’s Wimbledon Themed Twitter Ad


Why is This an Ace ad?


Wimbledon creates a huge amount of buzz and water-cooler chatter – according to Google, there’s been 7.4 million searches for ‘Wimbledon’ in July so far! This ad is clever as it takes a question that many tennis fans may wonder and uses it as the copy. One of the key advantages of social media advertising is the ability to push ads out that are ‘on the pulse’ and look to capitalise on key trends, something that Google have been smart-enough to use to their advantage here. Not rocket surgery, but not enough advertisers employ this tactic.

The ad image is also nicely customised to tie-in with the copy. Note that Wimbledon isn’t actually mentioned, this saves any licensing etc hassle. The use of the #AskTheGoogleApp in the ad is a nice touch as it may encourage people to interact, however, a search did return (from the baseline) this:

Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 10.40.28

Cheeky monkey!


I’ve been tweeting about Wimbledon, so it makes sense for this ad to be served to me. Clearly I can’t tell how the ad has been targeted, however, I would like to think that Google (or their agency) used the device targeting option to ensure the ad is only being served to users who are actively using Twitter via mobile (the ad is for their mobile app). A beautiful net-clinging drop-shot!

Forward path

The aim of this ad is simple – get users to click ‘learn more’ and find out about the app, in particular, its voice search feature. When you click the CTA button, you’re taken to a mobile-friendly (of course it’s mobile friendly, it’s Google) page where you can watch a short explainer video and if you like, head-off to download the app. A nice, simple path that achieves what it needs to. This is refreshing to see, just like a Robinsons squash.

Key take-aways

  • Try to be topical and act on trends – only if you can create a relevant ad!
  • Ensure your targeting is spot-on – if you’re looking to ride on a trend, make sure you target those who’ve actively been tweeting about it
  • Make the forward path as frictionless as possible

Take a look at some bad ads here. Seen a great ad? Let me know in the comments or tweet me.

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