The first thing I’d like to say is that this ad is not perfect (is anything?), however, it does have a few of the key elements to a successful social media ad. Let me explain.

Why’s Reed’s Twitter ad good?

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The image is properly cut to be fully displayed within the ad. It catches the eye and once you read the article the ad links to, you understand that it’s relevant to the content.


Short and sweet – I know what I’m going to get when I click. Interviews are a tricky thing for most of us and by clicking this I’m hoping to read something that will entertain me but also inform me. The copy could have been a little more descriptive and the card copy (in blue beside CTA button) should offer something different to the main tweet copy.

Forward path 

As we’ve seen in my analysis of bad ads to date, the path for the user post-click is often poor. Reed have used an article as the basis of their ad. Their aim here is to bring people into the site to absorb an entertaining piece of content that is of course relevant to their service. The article is peppered with advice on how to not have an interview nightmare. It could be more effective in terms of the CTAs at the end of the article, however they do have one which is a start.

Key take-aways

  • Make sure your image is set to the right size (guidance here)
  • Keep copy short and punchy – make sure people know what they’re going to get post-click
  • Create a joined-up journey – content-led ads are a great way to bring people into your site, just make sure the content and CTAs are of a high quality

Want more? Here’s some bad ads and some good ads!

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