Augmented Reality is starting to enter the mainstream, working its way into advertising and the consciousness of ad agencies everywhere. Today I noticed that Shortlist magazine have used AR mobile app, Blippar on their latest cover to offer readers an interactive experience on their Skyfall cover. Now, it is worth saying that it is not the most creative use of AR I’ve seen, however it is an effective way to deliver further information to readers. The pics below show it in action…

Shortlist Skyfall Blippar Cover

In order for the cover to be activated, the reader must download Blippar and then scan the cover. The app then very quickly adapts the cover, adding links to the official site, trailer and giving the reader the option to buy tickets. It also plays the Skyfall theme-tune. I was impressed by the range of Blippar; as you can see in the final photo, it works from a fair distance.

Will AR and its associated technology take off?

This  example is a simple use of the technology that offers a handy service to the user. Will AR take off? Well, the general public need to be aware of the tech and how to use it. I noticed the Blippar logo beside the title on the Shortlist cover, and being a tad geeky, knew what it was, so had a go. The majority of people at this time will not be in the same boat. The use of it also has to offer something different for the end-user in order for them to take the time to scan etc. I’ve never been a fan of QR codes – there are a number of reasons for this, the main one being that they rarely offer any advantage to the user. Augmented Reality has been around for years now, it’ll be interesting to see how far it can go. Find out more about Augmented Reality over on Wikipedia.

Have you seen any great examples of AR recently? Are you even aware of it? Do share!

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