Great Scott! It’s Back To The Future Day! This is the date Doc and Marty sat in the DeLorean, got up to 88mph and touched down at 4:28 AM. We might not be using hoverboards, have facial tattoos like circuit boards, or be anticipating the release of Jaws 19 (although Star Wars 7 is probably a close equivalent…), but it’s a bit of a laugh about a pop culture reference.

As with anything: People are talking about it, brands have jumped on the bandwagon and tried to exploit this one-off event in attempts to garner some new fans.

Here are some of the best and worst of those attempts:


Simple, easy update that’s relevant to sneakerheads and BTTF fans alike. Nike’s self-tying shoes appear in the film, all they’re saying is see you tomorrow to the ‘real’ Marty, although the mystery surrounding the tweet has a lot of people excited. What a PR opportunity it would be for Nike to release the shoes from Back to the Future 2, on the same day that Marty drove (?!) to. They patented the technology in 2009 and Tinker Hatfield has hinted at a release this year.


Again, a great idea, even if it retails at $20.15. Pepsi Perfect is the ‘futuristic’ version of Pepsi that Marty finds in his travels to the future. This has been a carefully planned marketing campaign for a long time, according to the Wall Street Journal. This helps Pepsi take advantage of the film’s date to appeal in a way that Coke could never do.

Surrey Police

I’m sure a lot of people will go “ugh the Police are jumping on this”, but I think this is pretty funny. It’s timely, it’s relevant and the engagement figures are really impressive.

USA Today

It’s not just social media that’s getting into the spirit of things. USA Today created a fake front page that wraps around today’s actual news in celebration of the date. All the news stories are stories that appear in the USA Today in the film. Again, a nice little tie-up.


Somehow this has amassed 84 RTs and 32 Favs at time of writing, but i imagine a lot of those will have come from people ridiculing the tweet. I have no idea how Back to the Future ties in with pensions. This is the worst kind of twitterjacking, where it just feels as if brands have to jump on something and create content around it. From a Government group, it’s not something I’d really expect.


Again, a bit incongruous with the Back To The Future theme. It either dampens the image I’ve got of the film, or trivialises what is an important issue. I can’t make up my mind. What are the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development saying here? That they’re stuck in the present day (as per the image)? Or that policy makers were forward thinking and now aren’t? Just a random “Yes, #BackToTheFuture” is a bit odd too.

South Yorkshire Police

Surrey Police did it well. South Yorkshire, not so much. Back To The Future and Ghostbusters are two different 80s films, guys.

I hope you enjoyed our round-up of Back to the Future Day Branded Content. Have you seen any good ones that haven’t made the list? Tweet us @velocitydigi and let us know! If we see any good ones throughout the day we’ll add them in!

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