Are you one of those people that has to be first to have the next big thing? Do you often say ‘I was into them/it before it went mainstream’ (if you do, slap yourself, hard)? If you are, the new email application for iOS, Mailbox isn’t for you. Why? Well, because there are at least 737,000 people out there who already know about it. How do I know this? Take a look…

This is clever!

When you download the Mailbox app, the first thing (and only thing) you see is a real-time number of how many people will get access to the app before you. The app will send you a push notification once you have been granted access. This simple tactic has added to the hype around the app and is a novel way of keeping people waiting, but informed at the same time.

Why all the hype?

This thing must be pretty good to create so much hype right? A humble email app has never caused such a stir. I’m personally not that excited by it, I use Google Apps for my email and run it via the Gmail app on my phone, it works well. Anyway, the video below explains some of the features. The key USP for me seems to be the use of gestures for filing etc. It doesn’t support Gmail labels though, and if you’re a folder freak like me, that may be an issue.

This review on Macworld reckons Mailbox will be in your dock before you know it. Praise indeed!

Have you been granted access? What do you think? 

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