The Blackberry brand has been suffering for a number of years now. From service outages to terrible handset design, the once mighty mobile device producer is in a world of pain. As we speak (well, read), the ‘Blackberry Jam‘ conference is in full swing, during which, RIM are showcasing their new operating system, Blackberry 10. This morning, I had the ‘joy’ of watching a video from RIM that was designed to persuade application developers that they will benefit from making apps for Blackberry devices. I lasted 8.21 seconds. Take a look…

That video perfectly exemplifies a major issue with Blackberry…

Blackberry just isn’t cool. Cool sells. Cool makes people yearn to own. Cool makes you look, well, cooler than your friends. Whip out a Blackberry these days and watch the reaction. Leapers get shown more love. That video is truly nasty and perhaps the un-coolest thing I’ve seen all year.

Blackberry had an opportunity to create a piece of video that would truly reach out to developers. Instead, they have created a monster that is highly unlikely to have conveyed the intended message due to the fact that it is just plain painful to watch. Blackberry has a lot of attention around it right now, due to the ‘Jam’ (I see what they did there) conference. They should be making better use of those eye-balls.

A Lesson to be learned

The production on this video is fairly strong, it will have taken a fair amount of budget to pull off, so why create something so awful? The whole thing just makes little sense. Changing the words to a song and getting people from the brand to sing it? Innovative. Truly great content conveys a message, captures the audiences’ attention and pushes people to share it, talk about it and ideally, act on it. Achieving that takes clever ideas and delivery. Standing out is harder than ever and the fact is that more ‘virals’ fail, than pop. Every piece of content should be given some serious consideration, don’t create for the sake of creating.

Poor, poor Blackberry. Will it ever be a giant again? What did you think of the video? Do tell in the comments below.

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