‘We don’t have anything interesting to say’

I’ve heard that so many times over the past few years, normally in response to me telling a business that they need to start producing content. I can only think of one occasion when this transpired to be true, the rest of the time, after a brief investigation, it transpires that the vast majority of businesses do have something interesting to say. Content discovery is a big area, but there are a few simple themes that you can use to identify content pieces within your business…

1 – Customer-based stories

Has your business gone that extra mile to help a customer (or even better, a person that wasn’t yet a customer)? If that customer is willing to be named and even give a testimonial, you have a ready-made story that will only serve you well. You could have a section of your blog (you do have a blog right?) devoted to great customer tales. Be sure to alert any customer-facing staff to the need to be recording any special instances of customer service.

2 – Staff-based stories

Do you have a member of staff that has a strange hobby? Perhaps a remarkable tale of achievement? Maybe your Sales Manager is one seriously funny dude? Whatever it may be, tap into that and bring it to life via content. Put that funny guy on camera or get the person with the strange hobby to write an introduction to it. Creating this type of content adds personality to your business and brings the people that make it all happen to the fore. This can go a long way to building relationships with customers and prospects.

3 – Heritage-based stories

No matter how old (or young) your business is, the story of its formation may well be a very interesting tale. If you do have some serious heritage, take a look back through the years and show people the development of your business over time. Jack Daniels does this very well, by pinning all of its content and messaging on heritage. If you are a new business, why not keep a diary of the startup process? It is something I am currently writing (see it here) and the response has been fantastic. It is ready-made content that will again show passion but also allow an insight in to the workings of your brand.

Use your heritage to your advantage.

4 – Process-based stories

Perhaps your business creates a product that has an unusual manufacturing process? Those who really like your product may well be interested in how it is created. Bring that process to life via imagery, video and dare I say it, infographics and all of a sudden you are creating engaging content that adds some nice value for your customers. This is also a chance to show how innovation, quality or even a ‘green’ approach are at the heart of your business.

So there you go,  four themes that may well help you break the surface of your content basis. How are you finding stories within your business? Are you struggling with idea generation? Been loving the content coming out of a particular brand? Do tell!

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This post first appeared on The Social Penguin Blog, written by Mike.

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