Here we go again. Nicola Sturgeon dropped IndyRef 2 on the world yesterday. Social media went mad. Proper nuts. An average of 4 seconds between tweets mentioning it. Terrible graphics flew around the social web, meme generators crashed and some people got rather antsy about the whole thing. I decided to feature some tweets, complete with oh-so-funny pithy captions.


Erm, yeah…

Needs to practice party popper skills…

Fuchsia Pink is so in this spring!

I made a tick look like ‘V’. Me clever.

The WTFs

Do they make coffee? Or own a rotisserie?

That’s an amazing skill. Is she a member of the X-men?

Give whoever made that meme a job on the export committee!

It’s going to be fun watching this unfold. I’m going to leave my political views out of this, however, it was a fascinating social media study first time around, from false sentiment, to horrendous abuse, incredible debate and a heck of a lot of humour, it truly was the peoples’ forum. I’ll be watching closely and writing about it here.

I wrote extensively about the use of social media during the original IndyRef and spent a lot of time on camera talking to the news networks about it!

What are people tweeting about IndyRef 2 right now?

Here’s a live feed from Twitter:


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