Spraff. What you spraffing about? Spraff (ing) is an Edinburgh slang term for talking rubbish or just generally wittering on and on. That word forms the basis of the name of new app on the block, Spraffl. In the words of Spraffl. themselves:

“Spraffl allows you to post ANONYMOUS, location-based messages wherever you are in the world open to everyone around you to read and comment. Unlike all the other social networking apps, there are no friend networks to build, no people to follow, no checkins required and no badges or points.  Spraffl is completely open €“ just fire straight in and start Spraffing wherever you are in the world”

So what do I do?

You open up Spraffl. and it instantly takes your location. You have an observation to make, or a question to ask and you Spraff it…

People can then Like, dislike or comment on your Spraff. The only identification to the Spraff is your location. No usernames, nothing. People can’t follow or friend you and vice versa. It’s completely anonymous. You can track Spraffs in your area by map or by feed…

Spraffs can be sent under various categories, and users can skip through those categories.

Isn’t this anonymous approach potentially dangerous?

It has crossed my mind that this could be wide open to abuse, for example racist remarks etc. However, the app is very much built with community self-regulation in mind and users can report an update as abusive at anytime. There’s also a catch for signing up – you must do it via a Facebook account, so I’m guessing this would allow the app admins to ban a user if required.

What’s the Spraffl. experience been like so far?

Well, fun actually. There is a lot of interaction going on and the freedom of anonymity seems to be a winner so far. Where will it go? I’ve got some ideas around its usefulness at events and conferences that I’ll be sharing with the founders soon. In the meantime, get on-board and enjoy. Sign up for the Spraffl. Beta.

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