Manchester United have a truly global fan-base and they’re taking an interesting measure to allow those fans who can’t attend matches the chance to add to the atmosphere. They’ll be using Google Hangouts to stream selected fans onto the pitch-side advertising boards during the match against Liverpool on March 16th. The video below explains more. If reading on an iOS device, click here to watch.

In order to be selected, fans must post a picture that shows their passion for Man Utd to Google+ and tag it with #MUFrontRow. Man U do have an very active G+ presence and they have been quick to embrace new platforms, often in order to connect with international fans. Here are a few entries:


Potential for issues?

I can see a few problem arising here:

  • Fake Man U fans infiltrating the campaign – low chance of this happening as I’d assume there will be further checks into those chosen
  • Someone trying to make a name for themselves – think Chat Roulette… I would think the stream will be on a delay so officials can cut any dodgy activity from the feed before it goes pitch-side
  • Man UTD get thumped by Liverpool – this would cause a bunch of disgruntled faces being streamed! What’s the solution to that? It would be mean to say sacking David Moyes right?
  • The technology fails – unlikely as Google tend to run pretty solid  products, and it would seem this is a partnership so there will be ramped up support I’m sure

Aside from that, I think it’s a pretty clever idea. What do you think?

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