Since the turn of the year, I’ve been having great fun with and getting a lot of value from Snapchat. It’s a platform that’s really matured in the past six months, and I’ve been amazed at the strength of the marketing community on ‘the snaps’. I wanted to give shout-outs (or Snapouts as I call them) to some of the smart marketing Snappers out there that I’ve enjoyed watching and chatting with recently. I’m going to add to this, so make sure you circle back. Follow them using these Snapcodes or their usernames!

Talia Wolf | Username – Taliagw

Specialist marketing area – conversion optimisation

I’ve been loving Talia’s take on ensuring an optimised approach to marketing, in particular her thoughts on email and mobile marketing. Talia also makes great use of stills to share articles she recommends you read. Get on the Talia train!


Chris Kubbernus | Username – chriskubby

Specialist marketing area –  personal branding

Chris was one of the first marketers I started chatting with on Snapchat and I always make sure to watch his stories! Chris’s enthusiasm is infectious and his tips on making more of your personal brand are superb. He’s also great at sharing other Snappers to follow – a real community kind of guy!


Gala Gil | Username – galagil

Specialist marketing area – social media

Gala is a ball of energy that tells colourful stories covering the world of social media marketing and beyond. I really like the way that Gala keeps her followers up to date with the latest news in social media – informative and fun!


Morgan Brown | Username – morganb

Specialist marketing area – business growth 

Morgan is a highly respected growth marketer and he delivers serious value when it comes to both marketing strategy and tactics for scaling a company and business advice in general. He’s kind of a big deal but still more than happy to interact, something that’s sadly rare!


Filip Novak | Username – filip.novak

Specialist marketing area – social media and customer engagement

Filip is a wise man. He uses Snapchat not only to share top tips for the use of social and the wider digital gambit, but also advice on being a decent human being and colleague. Get some Novak in your Snapchat life!


Mike McGrail | Username – mike_mcgrail

Specialist marketing area – you decide!

Ok, this is cheeky, I know! I do however think I can be a valuable part of your Snapchat repertoire! My stories cover the full marketing spectrum and I try to deliver them in a simple fashion.


There you go! Follow and enjoy. Want to recommend a marketing star on Snapchat? Scroll down and tell me in the comment section, or Snap me! Tweet me if you prefer – @mike_mcgrail.

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