I love it when someone brings to my attention something that’s causing a bit of a buzz on social media and that’s exactly what someone (he’d prefer to be anonymous) did today, alerting me to this Facebook post from Pact Coffee, the London-based home/office fresh coffee delivery service (which by the way, is delicious).

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It appears that there was a slew of negative comments about the use of f**king in the job title. Things were being said such as  ‘focus on the coffee instead of trying to be smart with job titles’ and so on. By the time I got to the post, it looks like the Pact folks had decided to go an deleting rampage…

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From the comments that have been left, you can see that the majority are generally positive. Then we have Richard that claims this has put him off becoming a customer. That’s maybe taking it too far, but it goes to show that this type of cheeky/risque approach is polarising.

But it’s working…

I don’t think the team at Pact are daft, they’ve done this to create a stir and it would appear to be working. It would be much more transparent of them if they had let the negative comments be – the fact that more chat around it would spread it further across Facebook has perhaps been overlooked (I’ve since had nice tweets from Pact about this article, but they have also stated that they were wrong to delete the negative comments. As for the job title, they label it as ‘to the point’). They may well not have expected the roasting that apparently ensued, however when you take something like this to social media, you would expect it to be put through the grinder and cause some uproar, but really appeal to others at the same time.


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Is it ‘on brand’?

I’ve had a look back through Pact’s Facebook Page and they don’t tend to use this cheeky tone that often. When the use of this cheeky/risque tone comes out of the blue, it can really clash with the brand, almost seeming forced. For Pact, they’re a young business, that has grown incredibly and the use of f**cking and a ‘wacky’ job title perhaps shows what they’re really like under the (milk) skin – maybe they should look to adopt this approach on a wider basis? Only if it’s true to how they really are, never force it.

Back to the job at hand

The job sounds sweet, I would imagine to fit in at Pact, you’d need to be full of beans and capable of making f**king great decisions. If you fancy a look, the job description is here.

What do you think?

Does this risque approach endear you to the brand? If you were a Business Analyst, would it grab your attention? Do let me know in the comments below.

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