You just clicked a link that displayed this headline, most likely on Twitter. I’m writing this post after reading ‘This Title Doesn’t Work’ by Sean Smith, within which he looks at the current trend for list based headline writing and gives excellent advice on alternatives. His point is that the title of his post is intriguing enough to make people click, without using the ‘5 Best Waffles’ approach that’s so common (and I do use from time to time).

I’m not just going to mirror Sean’s post here, I actually just want to see how many people click on the link attributed to this headline and compare it with the results of the other posts on this here blog. Once I’ve gathered that data, I’ll share it. Leave a comment and I’ll get back to you once I’ve done that.

Where’s the value in this post Mike?!?

I’ll leave you with three things. First one is this amazing Instagram account (humzadeas)

PicMonkey Collage

Second up is the ‘own the moment‘ calendar from Twitter. A handy event calendar to help you with your topical tweeting.

And thirdly, (that just doesn’t sound right as a word), here’s a dog with a cat stuck to his nose.


Farewell, I’ll be in touch.

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