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I get a number of press releases hitting my inbox on a daily basis, and when I read the one that prompted this post, I emailed the PR chap back with a simple question – ‘is the for real?!?’. After being ensured it was indeed real, I thought I’d share this incredible insight with you…

Crotches = Clicks!!!

Yup that’s right, Betabrand, an online clothes retailer has discovered that  Newsfeed ads on Facebook that featured a close-up of a man’s pantal region achieved 30% more clicks and 20% more conversions than those that did not. Does that stat grab you by the short and curlies? Here’s more:

– 64% more engagement

– 28k free site visits from Facebook shares

– 60% more email sign-ups from site forms

Some impressive analytics at work there!

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It appears that crown jewels work on Twitter too:

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Should you be hanging your ad strategy on displaying nuts? Probably not, but as ads on social platforms like Facebook fight hard for the audience’s clicks, you need to be thinking how your visuals can help your efficiency, and ensure your campaigns don’t flop.

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