Wow, it’s been a massive week for Twitter trends! I’m struggling to remember so many huge trends in the space of a few days occurring before. Twitter sets the pace for news spreading, something that Facebook and co can only observe with envy. What got the tweets flying this week?

Madonna saves the BRITs (#NoCapes)

The BRITs took place on Wednesday and were largely uneventful and quote frankly dull (Kanye West, WTF?), until the Queen of Pop took a tumble when her Armani cloak wouldn’t release and her dancers yanked her off the stage. It was quite a fall, but Madge carried on like a true pro. Twitter exploded with OMGs, before some smart cookie decided to use the No Capes rule form The Incredibles to create a meme that spread like peanut-butter on toast KABLAM! The tag de rigour was #NoCapes of course.

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Llamas on the lam! (#LlamasonTheLoose)

Thursday was more like Trendday (I can’t believe I just typed that), starting with the escape of two Llamas in the US state of Arizona. The Llamas in question were visiting a nursing home and acting as ‘therapy animals’ when they decided to bolt and go on a right old galavant around Sun City (must’ve taken ages to come up with that name). The chase was broadcast on live TV and of course spilled onto Twitter in waves. Mon’ the Llamas!


Something about a dress (#TheDress)

The most confusing trend ever. Something about a dress and a debate over its colour. It started after BuzzFeed picked up on a Tumblr post and posted it, then the Twitter userbase (and beyond) picked it up and with it like a Llama. The post was shared over 670,000 times in 5 hours. It’s not even a nice dress. Digiday has taken a look at the scale of this and what it tell us about the success of BuzzFeed.


There we have it, a crazy few days of trends. Have a great weekend. If you face any difficult decisions, just remember, WWALD…

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