Is your business using social media as part of your marketing and communications activity? Is a boost required? Perhaps you are looking to make your first moves in the social media world?

If you struggle to make sense of the current opportunities and issues within social media and need clear information and opinion from a highly experience source, our Social Media Briefing session may well be exactly what you need!

This three hour session will take a look at the following areas:

  • What are the key social media platforms and how do they apply to marketing and communications?
  • How to maximise the potential for these platforms
  • What are the emerging platforms and are they relevant?
  • Integrating social media across your marketing and communications mix
  • Analysis and reporting – what should you be measuring and how?

Please note, this is a small session with a maximum of six attendees, meaning you’ll have plenty of opportunity to ask questions directly related to your business. This is not a ‘hands-on’ session – you won’t be in front of a computer, learning how to write tweets etc –  it is however a packed full of information and insight that can be immediately applied to your approach and will be very interactive.

Who delivers the briefing?

The session is held by Mike McGrail, Managing Director of Velocity Digital. Mike has been working with social media for over seven years and puts that knowledge into practice for a wide array of businesses, from multi-national brands such as Skyscanner, to fledgling startups both in the UK and overseas. Mike is a regular on the conference circuit and has also recently worked with STV, BBC , Channel 5 and Sky News across TV and radio in relation to social media use in the Scottish independence debate.


The cost for this session is £99 (exc VAT) and takes place in the very comfy boardroom at Nexus Creative Space, 21 Young Street, Edinburgh on 30/10/2014. Starting at 10am and will wrap up at 1pm. Coffee and Social Bite pastries will be provided.

Please note that payment for the session is due upon booking via bank transfer, if this is a problem, please let us know and we can arrange a deposit system for you.

To book, please email with the subject line ‘social briefing’ and we’ll be in touch.

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