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With so much content related to social media out there, it can be hard to know what’s worth reading. One way of deciding this would be to look at the articles etc that are getting the most social shares – hardly something you’d want to do manually! So I’ve used a new tool on the block known as Buzz Sumo that allows you to search for a topic and the content that is trending around it, using social shares as the key metric. What did it throw back? See below!

What if Girls and Guys Changed Social Media Roles?

This video made me laugh (sorry, no embed code)! It looks at stereotypical use of social media by males and females, and switches them. The results are rather amusing! Watch it here.

Total shares – 135,934

3 Google+ Tools That Take Your Marketing to a New Level

It can be quite perplexing wading your way through the plethora of online tools that can help you make best use of the various social media platforms. This article over on Social Media Examiner identifies three tools that can be used to improve your use of Google Plus. Please be careful when auto sharing content across platforms as the first tool the author identifies here does. Read it here.

Total shares – 4,032

In Atlanta snow storm, it’s social media to the rescue

This article looks at a Facebook Page in Atlanta that has been set up to help stranded motorists, it’s gathered nearly 50,000 fans and uses everything from a crowdsourced map to a location logger to help people caught up in the crazy weather. Bravo to Michelle Sollicito for setting it up! Read more here.

Total shares – 3,164

How Arby’s took a tweet from Pharrel and made it fly

At the recent Grammy awards, some dude called Pharrel was wearing a hat that resembled that of the hat that is part of the American sandwich shops’ logo. Arby’s social media manager, Josh Martin, took the bull by the horns and tweeted Pharrel saying ‘Hey, can we have our hat back’. Anyway, long story short, Pharrel relied and the buzz went crazy. Read the full story here!

Total shares – 2,729

Tell Facebook & Instagram to end the social media gun show

This article calls for Facebook and Instagram to clamp down on the platforms being used for gun sales. A very serious topic. Read more about the campaign here.

Total shares – 1,974

So there we have it, five articles that have been gathering a lot of social shares recently, some amusing, some handy and some serious!

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