With so much content related to social media out there, it can be hard to know what’s worth reading. One way of deciding this would be to look at the articles etc that are getting the most social shares – hardly something you’d want to do manually! So I’ve used a new tool on the block known as Buzz Sumo that allows you to search for a topic and the content that is trending around it, using social shares as the key metric. What did it throw back? See below!

LinkedIn: 81% of Small and Medium-Sized Businesses Use Social Media

Every now and again Mashable does still publish a helpful post. I’ll remove my claws now. The key nugget here is ‘Roughly 81% of SMBs are using social media, and of those that use social, 94% do so for marketing purposes’. Unconfirmed reports state that ‘Roughly 92% of those using social media for marketing purposes are doing it in a terrible fashion’. Read the full report on Mashable here.

17-year-old Lazio player (who looks much older) quits social media after abuse

The dark side of social media continually rears its ugly head and this story is a prime example of people thinking it’s ok to be abusive with social media platforms as a shield. Read the full story over on Yahoo Sport

How to Use Social Media to Promote an Event

Events are social by nature, so it makes sense to make use of social media in to make these social events even more social by getting more people to be social and attend said events. Enough social? Read the article over on Social Media Examiner for tips including video, affiliates and testimonials.

The Deadly Social Media Drinking Game Set To Invade The U.S.

Necknominate is stupid and has already taken the lives of participants. It doesn’t make you look cool, so don’t do it. Read the Time article here.

Sharing is caring

This Inc article is by one of the clever team at Buffer and delivers 14 ‘social media sharing strategies’ that are well worth a look! Read it here.

Hopefully that was a handy wrap-up of content. Peas out.

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