In order for social media to be a successful part of your marketing and communications mix, it must be treated with care and given the attention it deserves. Velocity Digital can work with you to define your goals and build a strategy to achieve those. From planning, creative campaigns, platform tactics and measurement, we have all social media marketing strategy bases covered.

We look at social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google + Instagram, blogs etc) and really define their use to you as a business and never treat social media as a stand-alone activity. Integration of social media with your further marketing activities is our specialty. We don€™t jump on social media bandwagons, meaning you can be confident that your brand will in the right place, at the right time.

What can social media marketing do for your business?

The right strategy will promote and raise awareness of your business, engage and communicate with your customers and generate leads and sales. Many social media ‘experts’ will tell you that you should never sell via social media – we don’t agree, and believe with the right balance, you can build a valuable social media programme for both your business and your customers/prospects.

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