This blog has been focussed on the Amy’s Bakery Company social media meltdown this week – I’ve found it to be a fascinating tale of social media gone wrong and how it can cause a cross-media frenzy! Whether it is all legit or not remains to be seen, but a great case-study whatever happens. My posts on the subject have been hugely popular, both from a search perspective but also sparking debates on Google+, massive levels of tweets and shares across Facebook.  The traffic is actually growing, and as we speak, there’s 172 people reading the initial post right now.

Was this surge in traffic an aim of mine?

Of course it was. Yes, I wanted to give my opinion on the debacle but I knew that if I wrote a well-optimised post, it would start to attract search traffic. Relevancy is key!What did I do to ensure search engines would pick up on it?

  • Made sure the post title included ‘Amy’s Bakery’ and ‘social media’
  • Asked a pretty strong question – Can You Recover from an Amy€™s Bakery Style Social Media Meltdown? – this is important for grabbing people’s attention
  • Ensured the meta data was spot-on and again included the relevant keywords
  • Looked to spark a debate by asking a question at the end of the post – this helps with relevancy if people start to comment
  • Shared it widely across social networks and add it to Google+ – I’m finding using G+ leads to much quicker indexing
  • The posts have also been featured on Social Media Today, which has also driven traffic to the original piece

I knew it was a big story and was agile enough to be able to create reactive content around it. I followed up with an update post, which has again received huge traffic.

Search for Amy’s Baking Company

What do you see? I’ve asked some of my Twitter pals to search for those terms, and they’ve told me the update post is sitting between entry three and six on the first page of Google results. That’s a nice place to be.


134,000,000 results. My update has attracted much more search traffic  than my original post. Why? Well I used the full name (Amy’s Baking Company) in the title which will have helped.  If you search for Amy’s Bakery, you’ll see my post is third, but out of only 1.8 million results. This shows the importance of researching what people are searching for.

Image via amalakar on Flickr. Text added with Skitch

Image via amalakar on Flickr. Text added with Skitch

Yeah Mike this is all great but has it done anything for your business?

I can understand that people may think that this kind of activity is a waste of time, yes, increased traffic is nice, but is it relevant? Other than providing interesting and relevant content to people, what will I achieve? Aside from the fact that it has driven awareness of my blog and business, it has led to four solid business enquiries and three confirmed writing gigs. ROI? Yup.

So, you need to be reactive!

A pro-active approach to your content creation is vital, however, always make resources available that allow you to react to thing that are related to what your business does. With the right approach, you could open up a whole new business source for your business or those that employ you! Search thrives on relevancy, and bearing that in mind will do you well in the future. Read my post on content planning if you’d like to hear my thoughts on that.

If you’d like my help on your content marketing strategy, please do contact me, I’d be happy to help.

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